Prices set to increase in 60 days or after two more lots are sold.

Walker Lake Preserve was launched of the beginning of a real estate downturn. Luckily, we had sufficient resources to wait until the market rebounded. We have adjusted lot prices downward to reflect market realities, in some cases as much as 35% from their peak.

Smart investors know that the market has it's ups and downs. The market for lake property is heating up. This development is gaining momentum. One home is occupied. A starter cabin is ready for use. We want to establish a solid core of land owners. You can get in the ground floor of this excellent investment opportunity and enjoy an affordable, eco-friendly lakeshore living lifestyle to boot!

It's never been a more attractive time to buy. The supply of lakeshore is limited. Act now, we don't expect these properties to last long.

Note: we cannot guarantee future returns on your investment. Please consult your independent financial advisor to verify that this fits in with your inventment goals and personal lifestyle choices.